About Group


The CHONGBANG Group was established in 2003 in Hong Kong, and consists of management teams boasting rich experiences in real estate development while working with investors from Hong Kong and Singapore. The CHONGBANG Group is a “New Company with Old Staff” for shareholders with most of core management personnel having worked together for more than a decade.

Company Mission

To make our country more beautiful with our high level expertise and respectable attitude
(CHONGBANG consists of two characters: CHONG and BANG. According to Cihai (An Encyclopedia of the Chinese Language), CHONG carries triple meanings: lofty, respect and beautify; BANG means country.)

Business Concept

Since being established, CHONGBANG has followed a clear and special core business concept: we are committed to investing and developing integrated real estate projects with business functions, which is called the "Urban Complex".

Our concept comes from:

· To reflect the market demands
· To reflect the government pursuit
· fewer of competitors
· Land resource benefits
· Minimized periodic risks

Business Pattern

CHONGBANG must be the leader for project investment, development and operation. In general, the housing and office components of projects are sold, while the commercial/retail component is maintained for rent, which can ensure both short term and long term investment returns for the company.

Company Culture

CHONGBANG’s distinct company culture is well known by every member of our company.

Four Basic Points
· To achieve both fame and fortune, while striving to create win-win situations for multiple parties;
· Able to do things that others are not able to accomplish, to achieve what others cannot achieve;
· The first priority is to study and weigh the situation, the first thing to avoid is being ambitious while lacking talents.
· Searching for deficiencies, while also being prepared during times of security.

Three Guideline
· Company Culture
· Rules and Regulations
· Personnel Training

Two Levels
· Help from yourself
· Help from people
· Help from God

One Mind

This turquoise heart means love in Chinese. CHONGBANG believes that the staffs’ enthusiasm and passion towards working are the source of progress and innovation, and also the key to success.

Initial Project

Since being established, CHONGBANG has invested in five urban complex projects, with four in Shanghai, and one in KunShan located in Jiangsu province.


LIFE HUB @ DANING is a 250,000 sqm mixed use real estate development project. It emphasizes 8 different elements: hotel, office, retails, food and beverage, culture, entertainment, education and supporting facilities for urban life. LIFE HUB @ DANING began construction in October 2004, was completed in June 2006 and officially entered into operation in October 2006. The 40,000 sqm office building was sold to USA Citigroup before operation, while the 110,000 sqm shopping mall, and the 35,000 sqm business hotel are maintained for long term investment. Since it was opened, Daning international commercial plaza has been considered as one of the hottest shopping centers in Shanghai.


Garden in the shopping mall, shopping mall in the garden” – Jin Qiao is a business and commercial project that occupies 180,000 sqm of land and was officially launched in December 2009. Jinqiao International has about 100,000 square meters of commercial facilities, including a large children's activity center, Hong Kong clothing designer studios, bowling and billiards. In addition, Jinqiao also has a large supermarket and over 150 branded shops and restaurants. Jinqiao International endows new meaning to LOHAS (Lifestyle Of Health And Sustainability): Love, Originality, Health, Art, Style. Jinqiao International has become a benchmark for similar projects in China.


SINAN Mansions is located in the center of Shanghai in a core district of Puxi. The complex covers over 79,000 sqm in total, and includes 49 buildings of garden houses built in 1920’s that were an important part of the French concession. Next to these old building are 30,000 sqm of new buildings. The old and new buildings help create a unique atmosphere that balances modern with traditional designs, and Asian culture with Western styles. The whole project is divided into four functional areas: commercial, hotel, apartments and commerial. Sinan Mansions was launched during the fourth quarter of 2010, and has become an important part of Shanghai culture.


LIFE HUB @ ANTING Phase 1 has over 190,000 sqm of commercial, office, and housing space, and is directly connected to Anting Metro station of line 11. Life Hub @ Anting is estimated to launch at the beginning of 2012. Anting is another milestone in the innovation progress of CHONGBANG. Designed with the theme of “Back to the Future”, Anting is able to provide a 21st century lifestyle experience due to careful planning, design, industrial distribution and operation pattern. This project is situated in a core location of Yangtze River Delta, which covers western Shanghai and the surrounding Jiangsu area.


This project is located in the central area of Kunshan city, and is accessible by the Kunshan north station(regular railway) and bus station to the north, the Kunshan south station(high-speed railway) to the south, and a planned line 2 metro station. This project is one of the four important transportation hubs in Yangtze River Delta, and branches out to Suzhou, Changshu, Taicang, Jiading and Qingpu. Offering commercial, housing and retail sectors, this project is divided into three areas in order to provide for different industrial situations and to create a distinctive environment and atmosphere. The overall design concept balances fashion with tradition, comfort with convenience, and local with foreign culture, while also focusing on the use of facilities, environmental protection, energy conservation, and sustainable development. After completion, this project will provide a comprehensive experience that showcases numerous brands, a large scale, and a fresh style.