Usage Terms

Basic Terms
LIFE HUB @ DANING ““ (“the website“) is owned and operated by Shanghai Forrester (Zhabei) Development Ltd. All services provided by this website will be strictly implemented according to its regulations, terms of service and operation rules. The users must agree to all the following terms of service in order to use the services provided by this website. After the users complete the registration procedure, they can become formal members of this website.
Shanghai Forrester (Zhabei) Development Ltd. reserves the right to modify the terms of service.

Terms of Service
1. Our Service
This website provides web service for users throughout the Internet with its own operating system. To use this website, the users must:
(1) Prepare the needed devices for Internet access by themselves, including personal computers, modems or any other necessary devices for accessing the Internet.
(2) Pay for the telephone charges, Internet charges, information charges, and other expenses related to the service.
Due to the importance of the network services provided by this website, users should agree with the following requirements:
(1) Provide detailed, accurate and authentic personal information.
(2) Update the register information in a timely, detailed and accurate manner.
This website has the right to revise the terms of service when needed. Should the terms of service of this website be changed, the revised content shall be displayed on important pages. If users disagree to the new terms of service, they can cancel their web service. If users continue to use the web service, it will be assumed that they have accepted the revised content. This website reserves the right to revise and abandon the terms of service, and/or stop the service at any time without informing the users. This website is not responsible for users or third parties when it revises and/or abandons the terms of service, or stops the web service.

2. Privacy Right of the Users
Respecting and protecting the users’ personal privacy is a basic policy of this website. Please check the “Privacy Right Protection Policy“ for details.

3. Members' User Names and Passwords and Security
The members must keep their user names and passwords secure in order to prevent them from being stolen or revealed. Any losses due to a leaked password should be users’ responsibilities. The website is not responsible for any resulting losses that might arise from a lost password.
When a password is forgotten or stolen, the user must provide the email address that they used to register for this website in order to retrieve the password. Otherwise, the website has the right not to provide the password on the basis of security. The users can change their passwords at any time, or apply for new accounts, but they are not allowed to delete old accounts. The users should inform the website when they find any illegal use of the accounts or any potential security risks to this website. The users shall promise to abide by the following provisions when they apply for membership.
(1) The user names should be in accordance with internet morality, and the laws and regulations of the PRC.
(2) There should be no threatening, stigmatic, vulgar, profane, pornographic, obscene, illegal, hurtful, or insulting words, or any infringement on others' intellectual property. (3) After registration is successful, users should keep their account number and password secure in order to prevent them from being lost or stolen.
(4) The users shall not steal other users' accounts; otherwise, they shall be held responsible for any resulting consequences.
(5) Users' under their registered name on the website shall comply with all the terms of service of this website.

4. The Storage of and Restrictions on Users’ Information
This website is not responsible for the users’ personal information,, nor is it responsible for the deletion or failed storage of information by the users. This website maintains the right to determine if the users’ conduct is in accordance with the requirements of the service terms. If a user violates the terms of service, his or her account shall be suspended.

5. The Management of the Users
Users shall take the sole responsibility for any issued content. According to the related administrative laws and regulations of our country, users shall comply with the following regulations:
(1) The information users post shall comply with Chinese laws, administrative regulations and the relevant international treaties and conventions.
(2) Users shall not use the provided web services for illegal purposes.
(3)Users shall not disturb nor disorder the website or its services.
(4)Users shall comply with the networking protocols, regulations and procedures of the web service.
Users shall bear legal liabilities for their conduct on the website. If the users publicize information that is in violation of the above terms or other laws of the country via the website, the automatic recording system can be used as evidence of the users’ violation of the law.

6. Termination of Service
This website can suspend or terminate one or several web services if necessary at any time. This website is not responsible for any person or any third party while suspending or terminating its service. If the users disagree to the revised provision, or are not satisfied with the service of the website, they can:
(1) Stop using the web service.
(2) Inform the website to terminate the web service for them.
After the services for the users have been terminated, users will no longer have rights on the website. At the same time, this site will no longer be under the obligation to provide any pending or completed information services to the users or third parties.
.If the user decides to terminate his or her web service, but has already applied for the membership card at LIFE HUB @ DANING, he or she should also go to the inquiry office at LIFE HUB @ DANING to cancel the membership and return the card. Otherwise, the user is entitled to enjoy the information services provided by LIFE HUB @ DANING.

7. Notification
All notifications to the users can be delivered through public board, important web pages, email or postal mail. All notifications of service terms revision, service change, or other important events will be delivered through any of the above media.

8. Ownership Web Service Content
The web service content, defined by the website, includes, but is not limited to: all the words, sounds, pictures, videos, charts, and advertisements. All the content is protected by copyright laws, trademarks, labels and the other property ownership rights. Therefore, users can only use these contents after being authorized by the website. Users are not allowed to copy, cut, edit reproduce, or modify this content. The copyright of all the articles on the website belongs to both the authors and the website. If anyone needs to re-issue the articles on the website, they must first ask the permission of the authors or the website.

9. Laws and Regulations
Both users and the website agree to comply with all laws and regulations of the PRC. Should there be any service term that may be in conflict with State’s laws, the State laws will hold precedence.

10. Privacy Right Protection Policy
This website pays great attention to the privacy rights of users. While offering personalized product purchase services, we try our best to protect the privacy of each user. The privacy right protection policy describes data processing and operating methods used by the website.

The third party websites that are linked to this website are not limited by this website’s privacy right protection policy. It is suggested that users read the privacy right protection policy of the third party website.
(1) Information Collection
This website collects personal information (the users’ “information“) through the following ways:
• When users fill out inquiry and register forms
• When users order or purchase our products and services
• When users provide detailed personal information via Internet or the other media

The personal information we collect may include, but is not limited to, the following content:
• Name
• Job title
• Company Name
• Company address, phone and fax numbers
• Home address and telephone number
• Mobile phone numbers
• E-mail address
• Payment information, such as credit card information

Market research information, such as readers' styles and preferences

When a user logs onto the website, the system will automatically collect the relevant information. For more details, please refer to the use of “cookie“.

(2) The Use of the Personal Information
We may use your information for the following purposes:
• Provide users with personalized service;
• Process orders, registration and inquiries;
• Conduct market research studies;
• Hold a contest;
• Inform you about our product and service information (if the users dislike this service, please inform the website);
• Share users' information with a third party who may provide the users with products or services based on our evaluations.
For more information, please refer to the use of “cookie“.
If the user is willing to receive products and services information provided by the website or the third party sites, please inform the website.
We may also disclose the users' information to the following parties: business partners, third party suppliers who provide us with information processing services, and any successor in the future who will be authorized to take over our business. We may also disclose the users’ information in the following circumstances: to comply with a court order or follow the provisions of relevant laws.
We may use the information integration table in order to implement the following operations:
• Create marketing files;
• Auxiliary strategy development;
• Coordinate the relationship with advertisers;
• Review site usage.

(3) Cookies and the Use of the Other Tracking Methods
We use “cookies“ to help users enjoy a personalized website service. A “Cookie“ is a piece of information that is sent to the hard disk of the user’s computer from the website, so that the website can identify the user. The information may include the related information of the website user, the IP address of the user’s computer, the browser type, the basic information, and etc.
In addition, if the user is guided to our website through a third party link, the information will include the URL of the link page. If the user is a registered member, the detailed register information of the user also will be included, in order to make checking more convenient. We may use the information from the cookies for the following purposes:
• to identify returning users, and to provide a personalized page for the registered users;
• to help users browse our website more freely;
• to track the accessing trends of the users, so that we can modify the website further according to the demand of the users;
• to gather statistics of the number of visitors.
Users can delete the “cookies“ on their hard disk at any time; however, if they choose to do so, they must set their user names and passwords again. Users also can set the browser to prevent cookies from being stored on the hard disk. This may prevent full functionality of the website, and it will stop users from entering restricted area reserved for registered members on the website.
Users will also not be able to view some contents and special reports. Due to the demands of the market research, advertisements, and other website functions, we may allow the third party to set “cookies“ on our website.

(4) Security Policy
The website uses various methods to protect the users' information from unauthorized access or use, change, illegal or accidental damage and accidental loss. The users' information may be transmitted to third parties for data processing. However, these third parties will only carry out the corresponding operation when the website notifies them to provide the requested service.

(5) Data Transmission
Internet is an open global environment, and it's a common international practice to collect transmission data and process users' information. When a user browses the website, and/or uses the websites email service, he or she permits the website to perform the above actions. If the user authorizes the website to transmit his or her information to the third party, the third party will be able to send detailed information of various products and services to him or her. In addition, the authorization also allows the website to send his or her information to organizations abroad.

(6) The Use and Management of the Member's Personal Information
If the members of the website want to modify their personal information on the website, they can login the website and modify them under their accounts. Meanwhile, we will keep the original data of the members in order to check the information.

11. The Modification of the Terms
The privacy provisions have been valid since October 22nd 2006. The website will modify the privacy provisions at a certain time, so that our privacy protection system can act in accordance with the related laws and regulations, or the development of the website.