Project Introduction
An Introduction of LIFE HUB @ DANING

Situated along the north-south central axis of Shanghai Puxi, LIFE HUB @ DANING is located at the junction of Daning road and Gonghexin road, and close to the south-north overhead bridge of Gonghexin road in the east. There are the Yanchang metro station to the south, and the Maxicheng metro station to the north. In addition, there are numerous bus lines that come directly to or close to the Plaza. LIFE HUB @ DANING has transport facilities for both private cars and buses.

With over 250, 000 sqm of real estate located on more than 55,000 sqm of land, LIFE HUB @ DANING focuses on eight elements: business hotel, office, retail, food and beverage, culture, entertainment, education and supporting facilities of city life. LIFE HUB @ DANING is attracting brands with its concept of "rich brands, large scale, fresh style and full functionality".

LIFE HUB @ DANING draws on elements from the Old Town of Shanghai, in order to maintain a sense of tradition in the process of innovation. LIFE HUB @ DANING is able to provide comprehensive business services, while consumers can enjoy DANING’s high-quality and relaxing environment with 15 modern business buildings, 2km of footpaths, 11 large and small plazas, and over 1300 parking spaces

Shopping @ DANING

The LIFE HUB @ DANING provides you a comprehensive shopping experience. With more than 100 popular and international brands spread across 105,000 sqm of real estate, all your needs can be satisfied. You will be able to enjoy a relaxing and comfortable shopping experience while choosing from a variety of reasonably-priced products and walking through Daning’s spacious shopping environment.


Food at LIFE HUB @ DANING is not only famous but also popular. There are more than 50 restaurants that serve exotic food, along with Chinese cuisine from all over the country, such as Sichuan, Guangdong, Hunan, and Shanghai. You can taste food from all over the world without having to leave the country. DANING also includes internationally famous restaurant chains that are popular among white-collars.

Entertainment@ DANING

As a major business hub, shopping center and culinary center in the community, LIFE HUB @ DANING also provides all kinds of options for entertainment and recreation, such as five-star movie theatre, whole-sale style KTV, amusement park with cartoon theme,hair salon, facial and slimming center, etc. A first class comfortable environment, along with numerous promotions will help enhance your leisure life.

Education @ DANING

Daning consistently promotes culture and the arts. The art gallery in the second floor of the Four Points by Sheraton at Daning showcases the works of many artists. The central plaza has many centers and schools that provide children with education and adults with training, includes intelligence development and language skills training. LIFE HUB @ DANING is also proud to have cooperated with the annual Shanghai International Arts Festival by holding a number of unique artistic performances, and endeavors to promote the development of art in Shanghai.

Hotel @ DANING

Four Points by Sheraton at Daning is an important component of LIFE HUB @ DANING. Four Points by Sheraton boasts 315 rooms, Chinese and Western canteens, coffee house, music tea/bar, large scale dinner hall, indoor swimming pool and gym center, which under the management of Starwood, an international renowned hotel management company.